The BTC Laboratory Management Committee (LMC) is made up of members from vehicle and engine manufacturers, exhaust after treatment system manufacturers, engineering consultancies, and related suppliers to the industry.

Image Source: Credit to UTAC

These meetings provide a forum for member companies to share their experiences relating to the operation of engine test cell and vehicle chassis dynamometer facilities.

The Committee consists of senior test facility managers and is responsible for the creation and monitoring of BTC’s other Group activities. Some of these are long term such as Emissions Testing Group, or Measurement Metrology and Calibration group, whilst others may be short term based on providing a specific target.

Through the regular meetings, which are conducted either online or face to face at member’s sites, facility managers have the opportunity to seek advice on any issues with a large group of individuals facing the same challenges – this creates a forum of combined knowledge and expertise which is not available via any other route. The Committee monitors new Health and Safety legislation, and industry legislation affecting testing methods and best practices.

Join BTC

Membership of BTC is open to companies or organisations contributing, either by manufacturing or Laboratory testing, to the business of the motor, petroleum and allied industries.

Our Member Companies:

  • Air Products
  • Bentley Motors Ltd
  • JCB
  • Johnson Matthey
  • UTAC Millbrook
  • Perkins Engines Co. Ltd
  • Air Liquide UK Limited
  • Ricardo PLC
  • Integral Powertrain Testing
  • Catagen
  • Cummins