The BTC Laboratory Management Committee (LMC) is made up of members from vehicle and engine manufacturers, exhaust aftertreatment system manufacturers, engineering consultancies, and related suppliers to the industry.

These meetings provide a forum for member companies to share their experiences relating to the operation of engine test cell and vehicle chassis dynamometer facilities.

The Committee consists of senior test facility managers and is responsible for the creation and monitoring of BTC’s other Group activities. Some of these are long term such as Emissions Testing Group, or Measurement Metrology and Calibration group, whilst others may be short term based on providing a specific target.

Through the regular meetings, which are conducted either online or face to face at member’s sites, facility managers have the opportunity to seek advice on any issues with a large group of individuals facing the same challenges – this creates a forum of combined knowledge and expertise which is not available via any other route. The Committee monitors new Health and Safety legislation, and industry legislation affecting testing methods and best practises.

The Benefits of joining BTC

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BTC History

The BTC Testing Advisory Group was originally formed in February 1963 by the petroleum industries and motor manufacturers in the UK. It was then known as The British Technical Council of the Motor and Petroleum Industries.

Until July 2001, BTC represented UK companies in the European forum of CEC, The Co-ordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Transportation Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids. The CEC is responsible for the development of, and promoting the use of, standard test methods for assessing the performance of automotive fuels, fluids or lubricants. From 1st July 2001 the CEC is run by the major European Trade Associations – ACEA, ATIEL, ATC and CONCAWE who jointly decide on the need for each test.

In July 2005 members of BTC, a registered company limited by guarantee, decided to change its Memorandum and Articles of Association, as well as its name, in order to better reflect the main interests of the organisation. The Company was managed by 2 Directors and a Company Secretary. Directors were voted in from the membership and usually rotated on a 2-yearly basis.

From 1st July 2012, the new BTC has been established and is now operated and managed by PDC. This change has enabled the annual membership subscription to be significantly reduced and the organisation simplified. The requirement for Directors has now ceased and the main Laboratory Management Committee will have representation from each of the BTC groups in order to enhance communication and encourage pro-activity.

Through a hierarchy of specialist groups, the BTC is able to bring focus to issues affecting its members. Membership is no longer restricted to UK registered companies. It is open to all interested parties working in the automotive testing industry.

Since its formation, the scope and work of BTC has grown considerably because of environmental and energy concerns, vehicle performance enhancements and extended service intervals.

The BTC continues to face the challenges of the ever-changing advancements in automotive engineering. For vehicles using internal combustion engines, these include continuing exhaust emission reduction, improved fuel economy in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, extended service intervals, and cost effective optimization of fuels and lubricants to match the needs of future engines. Additionally, the next generation of power sources (such as electric or hydrogen), autonomous vehicles, and associated legislation are all topics which the group will seek to address.

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Join BTC

Membership of BTC is open to companies or organisations contributing, either by manufacturing or Laboratory testing, to the business of the motor, petroleum and allied industries.

Our Member Companies:

  • Air Products
  • Bentley Motors Ltd
  • JCB
  • Johnson Matthey
  • UTAC Millbrook
  • Perkins Engines Co. Ltd
  • Air Liquide UK Limited
  • Ricardo PLC
  • Integral Powertrain Testing
  • Catagen
  • Cummins