BTC TAG Forthcoming Events
22 September 2022
Health and Safety Meeting
13 October 2022
LMC Meeting
10 November 2022
Emissions Testing Group Meeting
BTC TAG Member Companies
Johnson Matthey
Petrochem carless ltd

BTC Testing Advisory Group

BTC serves companies in automotive testing that conduct engine and vehicle chassis dynamometer testing, as well as research into automotive fuels and lubricants.

The BTC Testing Advisory Group is an Industry Interest Group which is operated and managed by PDC. Companies involved represent leading vehicle and engine manufacturers, oil companies, catalyst manufacturers and engineering consultancies.
BTC TAG - Engine Coolants
The measurement, Metrology & Calibration Group (MMCG) is a new BTC Group formed in 2011 as a forum for discussion on measurement systems, and on the performance of manufacturer's equipment.
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BTC TAG - Engine Coolants
The BTC Coolants Technical Group was formed in January 2000. Specialists meet to discuss Coolant technologies in Europe. 
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BTC TAG - Health and Safety
The BTC Health and Safety Group is a small group of representatives that meet specifically to discuss Health, Safety and Environmental issues within the industry.
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BTC TAG - Emissions Testing
The emissions test group has members from many organisations that meet to discuss all aspects of Vehicle and Engine Emissions testing
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BTC TAG - Technician Training
The Technician Training Initiative focuses on maintaining, developing, and recognising the competence of technicians working in the industry.
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BTC TAG - Lab Management
Senior managers meet to manage the association, to network and to share experiences relating to the use of engine and chassis dynamometer test equipment and the interpretation of legislation.
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