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BTC Coolants Technical Group

The BTC Coolants Technical Group was formed after a meeting between interested parties held in January 2000.  The committee comprises of representatives from companies with an interest in engine coolant technology, either as manufacturers of engine coolants or users of engine coolants, such as engine or vehicle manufacturers.

One of the initial reasons for the formation of the Group was to provide a channel for input from the UK in to the European Coolants Technical Committee of the Co-ordinating European Council for the Development of Performance Tests for Transportation Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids (CEC).  In July 2001 the CEC re-organised and was taken over by the major European trade associations rather than the National organisations that had previously run it. As a consequence of this re-organisation the European Coolants Technical Committee was dissolved and it’s work was taken on by the French Groupment de Co-ordination Francaise (GFC).
Despite the demise of the European Committee the work of BTC Coolant Technical Group has continued.

The committee normally meets twice a year and has formal exchanges of information with ASTM Engine Coolant Committee, GFC and the German  FVV committee on coolants. Topics discussed at meetings include a number of aspects of coolant technology such as standards development, recycling, classification of coolants, health and safety and promotion of the understanding of modern coolant technology.

One of the main focuses of the Groups work has been the preparation of a draft new British Standard for Engine Coolants now accepted by British Standards as a replacement for the BS6580 standard.

The discussions that take place within the Group's meetings are normally lively and informative. New topics are always welcomed at meetings as are new members with an interest in engine coolants from any section of the industry.