BTC Technician Training Initiative
BTC Technician Training Initiative
BTC Technician Training Initiative
BTC Technician Training Initiative

Technician Training Initiative

The Technician Training Initiative (TTI) was established as a way of standardising and promoting the skills and experience Technicians have gained. The TTI focuses on developing, maintaining and recognising the competence of technicians working in the Industry. Awards can be used to identify training requirements and to formally acknowledge a techniciansí ability.

The Awards are approved by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The IMechE offers free Affiliate Membership whilst a Candidate is working on a BTC Award that brings a host of benefits, including access to the IMechE Web Site.

The TTI has five different awards at two levels.

Standard Level Award
- Chassis Dyno Testing
- Engine Build
- Engine Test

Higher Level Award
- Emissions Test
- Engine Test

The Awards share a common format consisting of mandatory and optional modules. They are designed to read across to other Awards of the same level.

If you would like to gain recognition for your skills and experience please register for the Award by completing the Registration Application and sending it to the address shown on the form.

If you are interested in becoming a BTC Assessor, please see the Assessor Introduction below.

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